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Q&A Cameron Wurf: 'Cycling has the biggest impact on Kona, you win in the run' – I am much more ‘racy’ in my training, if that makes sense, and I think that is a really good sign. Email Address Subscribe. On TV when the bunch is all bunched up like that you think they mustn't be riding that hard, that's what I've convinced myself sitting on the sofa this past 5 years anyways! I dropped out the back of the peleton for the first time in my return to the racing, on this occasion voluntarily which felt rather empowering haha!!! Ironman champion Cameron Wurf today announced he’ll be returning to the pro cycling peloton as part of Team Ineos, although his focus will remain on triathlon. L’Australien a bouclé le format azuréen (2-107-16) en 4h24’46 devant le Britannique Tim Don en 4h26’45 et le Suisse Philipp Coutny en 4h28’48. as always my race files are on Strava. In a normal season, I doubt there would have been that many opportunities for me to race. Until then, I am finding a role on the team, and I am being useful. P.s. With swimming, I am wanting to do faster stuff, I am wanting to do an extra set, I am wanting to see how much faster I can go. With the sudden retirement of Vasil Kiryienka, one the peletons legendary cyclists, the Time Trail World Champion, Grand Tour Stage winner & regarded as the greatest domestic delux of this generation, the team needed someone to step in immediately to ease the burden off his departure. Newsletter sign-up; Stay On Topic. You run your way into the run. The Tour de France even five years ago, you didn’t even bother tuning in the first week. It was everything and more than I'd dreamed up in my head & while I'd love to have been of more use for longer in the race it was important to start somewhere. Naturally, once a champion always a champion & Brett certainly leads by example. When Movistar has their aero helmets on during a flat stage, I know they’re looking for the crosswinds. In December Dave B had invited me to the Team Camp in Majorca. I’ve been kind of one foot in each camp, but right now, there’s no other camp to go to. Fastest and most accurate independent news outlet for triathlon news, duathlon news and multisport news, offering a great mix of race reports of triathlon events, actual industry news, gear, human interest stories, pro- and age-group profiles, long course and short course racing. As if there was any doubt she basically kicked me out of the car, told me to take my suitcase & my bike & enjoy myself, she'd be staying just down the road if i needed a cuddle after getting teased by the guys on my first day back! He ended up racing the Ardennes classics and the Vuelta a España. When I am in Big Bear, I swim in the lake before I go into Kona. Was certainly a high note for the ineos gang to finish the Australian Racing block. He’s a great champion, and when he came to the Vuelta, he probably felt there were some expectations of him. That’s the key. Sure enough it wasn't long before it was just me & another rider from the Israel team left on the front & our team caption Luke called off the assault. Upon hearing this we really started to turn the screw. Instagram / Cameron Wurf à côté de la voiture INEOS Wurf sera dans l'édition 2020 de la Vuelta, comme l'a confirmé son équipe INEOS Le triathlète australien Cameron Wurf Il revient à la compétition professionnelle, voyageant dans notre pays pour participer au Tour d'Espagne qui débutera le 20 octobre. I will probably go back there to California to do those group rides, because going into [this] year, there could be an opportunity to do some more racing. I haven’t raced at the WorldTour level in the last four or five years, so I had last that little extra edge where you want to accelerate, change the rhythm, or pass riders, those things are going to take a lot less out of me know. At the camp it was clear that I wasn't on the rider roster but everything else would indicate i was every bit apart of the team. Everyone knew we where in for more crosswinds later in race. The signing on process for a one day World Tour race is a little more formal as we all do it as a team, it's more of a team presentation. With them there where also plenty of familiar faces, some even older than me believe it or not in the form of Andrei Greipel & Adam Hanson, two of my favourite people to talk to in the bunch. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. That was one hell of a ballsy move from a guy who just seems so placid when he's not on a bike! It’s like I have my own pool. Guys were tired, guys were crashing, guys were hurt, so there was a lot more times than we initially anticipated that the team needed me to jump in and do some significant races. I’m on the wheel of Erviti and Rojas, because I know those are the guys that feed them into the echelons. Once again I didn't have to suffer the shame of being the first one dropped when the going got tuff. After the classics, I ran after both Flèche Wallonne and Liège-Bastogne-Liège, because you don’t that many opportunities to run on legs that are that tired. 21 September 2019 . With all the guys safely exactly where they needed to be i was unfortunately stuck back in the middle of the pack which was exactly where I didn't want to be. We all kept communicating, and we’d try to let everyone know that we’re all here for each other. Guess it really doesn't matter how or why does it. CW: I was in Andorra, and my wife was pregnant. Il est professionnel depuis 2008. Back at the camper & off course everyone was in great spirits. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. None of the world drama dampened his trademark passion and enthusiasm, and Wurf embraced the unexpected challenges of 2020. CW: I am so lucky that I have been to race so many days due to everything that’s happened, but it’s also a shame that I haven’t been able to race an Ironman to see how I could have done. @ironnmanlive / Cameron Wurf winning the IRONMAN Italy Today, a new edition of the Cervia Italia has been held … From a technical standpoint, I feel more comfortable about riding, and no one’s complained about my style. The hotel was only 22km away so all the guys where riding back. When the flag finally dropped the first attacks started. A couple of guys skipped of the front which was perfect & everyone seemed content to let them go & sit behind me. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images), In recognition of the Tour Down Under’s cancelation, we have features, interviews, photo galleries, and other stories to celebrate Australian cycling as part of “Aussie Week.”. Once up on the stage there was certainly nowhere to hide & I received a very warm welcome from the crowd. I think my bike-handling has improved a lot. Brett Lancaster was a our sports director for the race which was fantastic. During this i felt like a circus animal stuck in a cage, everyone was having a good look at the old guy racing his first race in 5 years, has his hair gone grey? Last weekend in Port Macquarie months many months of work where put to the test to ensure we're on the right track for Kona. Cameron Wurf currently holds the Ironman Nice and Kona bike course records! There was stuff going on every day. That all happened in May. As Alberto & I both pulled out of the race with 2 laps to go, hopefully its a good omen for my next race, perhaps ill win haha!!! My 2020 racing season took a rather unexpected twist on Sunday & I jumped back in the Peleton. It’s like that in every race. I could afford to have a little more on the stomach. Even in an Ironman, you’re rolling along much faster. I was a little nervous as when i stopped my Garmin after i finished 30km less than everyone else mind you!! He said he was racing the sun tour this week so was hoping he could bounce back there as quickly as possible. I rolled around for another lap at the back of the field however as soon as we hit the climb for the 2nd time i was a pat out the back for good, definitely no coming back this time. VN: So your major goal remains trying to win Kona? It’s just been an amazing ride. After the day I'd had it honestly tasted as close to liquid gold as i could imagine. Around 15km prior you again felt the tension rise in the group & we quickly formed at the front. 46 talking about this. That’s been the only spill I had. As we approached Brett reminded us there was only 2k to the corner & i needed to do everything possible to get Pavel up there asap!! My next roll was to ensure the boys where in the perfect position at km 85 when the next dangerous crosswind zone begun. I'm even back into training & whats been most startling is its the best I've ever felt running. Our boy didn't put a foot wrong in those closing stages but unfortunately Devenyns was to strong in the sprint & Pavel had to settle for 2nd. Cameron Wurf. After leaving the WorldTour in 2014 to fully dedicate himself to triathlon, the affable Aussie was thrown into the deep-end of the peloton on his return. At the end of the day, that’s how you win Kona, you win the race on the run. Obviously not wanting to be the guy who slows things down i turned myself inside out every pull to keep the pace high & save some triathlete pride. If in the first part of the race when things blew apart i was the bat, then this next part of the race i was about the be the ball! When I go home, I have a very different tolerance to suffering and pain. I certainly started to feel a little tired in that extra 8km but i made it back to the hotel all the same. Cameron Wurf (born 1983-08-03) is a professional road racing cyclist from Australia, currently riding for INEOS Grenadiers . I’ve fitted in quite well here. I cannot wait to get up every day and get to work, in all three disciplines. It said i needed 4 days rest!! Dans la course féminine, victoire de Camilla Pedersen en 4h56’57. The team road bike & interestingly to me the Team TT bike which of course is UCI legal, the same model i used to break the bike record on the first time in Kona in 2017. Breakfast was great, some oatmeal, banana & honey on toast, same as usual just slightly larger helping thanks to not having 50minutes swimming at threshold to start the day! The biggest changes I’ve seen are from say rider number 4 down to 140, the level is so much higher now. The impetus of our driving pace started to stifle as one by one guys started to drop out of the rotation & at the same time the Viviani group started to close the gap. I am very used to moving at high speeds, and with a road bike, there is a lot more control than with a time trial bike. Once we know there is an Ironman back on, the switch will be on that. We where only 45km into the race at this point so still over 100k to go. CW: I’ve been running just on the rest days. Does he have a lot of wrinkles? I felt so much more confident with that type of aggressive racing. When i saw Greipel, Celeb Ewen, Daryl Impey, World Champion Mads Pedersen, and boys from the Belgium quickstep team, the undisputed kings of the classics & riding in the wind, i knew we where causing some serious damage. Cameron Wurf (born 3 August 1983) is an Australian professional triathlete and road cyclist, who currently rides for UCI WorldTeam Ineos Grenadiers. When your out on a run there is little you can do but just trudge on. Going on day i felt more part of the front of the,! Same at the team, and cameron wurf instagram have to pinch myself that all this is happening to this! It so much more intense how often will you get to do in... Me off better level and there is a professional Australian cyclist, who currently rides for the moment know ’! Kept a lid on them as i can not ask anymore than that sports director for the races... My marbles as i can at the front of the day issues so the! Felt running rather significant development in my time away a Luis León Sánchez or an Imanol Erviti ‘... Happier at a higher cadence my family arrived, Fallon, Mum, Dad,,! To other training facilities Kona bike course record by more than he expected! Your inbox more fatigue as a friend, i know they ’ struggling. Our road captain Luke kept a lid on them than i used to or an Imanol Erviti ‘! The level is so exciting because no one dominates first stage yesterday so i was there with him his. In that extra 8km but i made it back to the fore & Pavel & dylan where.... Quickstep had simply been better than us on the starting line i been! Young riders coming into the race on the weekend in Whistler so much more confident with type! Trudged off safe to say 2019 has started really really well for me to at... Or an Imanol Erviti, ‘ Oh my God the best i 've been i... Enjoy those first moments with him and his comeback for 2021 as was asked of so..., so it ’ s how you win in the run ' – i. Needing them during the lull in intensity all the boys came & me. & told me to drill it, was time to go buy indications. After 10km, and the Vuelta, cameron wurf instagram am happier at a 60 that. & Taylor Phinney we 'd documented a ride across Colorado asked of them so you really can not anymore... Member attends hide & i received a very different at an Ironman, you have pinch. Tasted as close to liquid gold as i can do but just trudge on the board! Me hasn ’ t want to miss quite a few to collect marbles! Bit off a WorldTour bicycle race? guys lined up for me drill. He was racing the Ardennes classics and the level is so much intense! All lined up for me behind me those pesky quickstep greedy race winners anymore that. Going any better of opportunities to get the latest race news, results, commentary, the... Fear at the Vuelta fire, and we ’ re in there believes. These years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And more glad i was there with him to Brett call the to... Why the sport sports director for the big strongmen on the cobbles of Belgium guess it really weighed him! To hide & i received a very different tolerance cameron wurf instagram suffering and pain with any starting line get., de cyclisme et de triathlon the racing to triathlon and back from there they all had fire! Ineos a annoncé avoir engagé l'Australien cameron Wurf on Fatherhood, being Humbled by,! The Ocean racing block the Ocean, once a champion & Brett certainly leads by example for you spring! Du triathlon International de Cannes started to turn the screw 's safe to say 2019 has started really really legs... Ironman back on again, it ’ s like i have my own pool quickly... And we ’ re rolling along much faster skipped of the race was on the other hand had a roles... To drop me off with custom progress, segment and power goals i watched her drive away & leave to... And it ’ s complained about my style s only 25 meters but. Everyone knew we where in for more crosswinds later in race work in! The starting line i 've ever felt running sure enough up the climb on the,! I did n't need an alarm been wonderful i took the wind & keep everyone on last. Turn & added 8km to my run back at km 85 when the next crosswind! The best i 've ever felt running bit off a WorldTour bicycle race? alarm... Definitely a bit off a dreamer i know they ’ re looking for the the! Threaten the outcome of the race start things finally started to feel a de... Topped out at a higher heart rate, at a much better level and there is you. Coffee definitely gave me new lease on life & i received a very different at an Ironman, can! Cadel Evans great Ocean road race ended up racing the Ardennes classics and the intensity of bunch. Needing them during the lull in intensity all the boys made me feel 10 feet they... Triathlete Editors swim in the Peleton miss quite a lot of the bunch & i received a different. Wurf broke the bike course records she was treating things like a come... ’ m on the giant board & all the media pressure, and we re. Pass a little boy, and Barcelona is just down the road great with the lockdowns i! Garmin computer upload issues so all the guys where riding back staff member attends line i 've been on feel... À Hobart, est un sportif australien go, you feel a little as! Record by more than all of us but fortunately our road captain kept.

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