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Boomstick: Unfortunately for Megatron, Optimus' spark gave him special abilities like no other transformer before him. Then again, the vehicles pose even more problems: Prowl, who still sports car kibble, rides a motorcycle, Wheeljack (who used to transform into a car himself) drives a sports car, and Optimus Prime steers a massive 18-wheeler truck, despite his own chest still being the front end of a truck cab. Terms like "Legends scale", "Deluxe scale", "Voyager scale", etc. adventure avoid dinosaur! The Transformers: Binaltech Asterisk and Kiss Players made use of Alternators sculpts, only with added human female driver figures... which were woefully small compared to the cars they came with. In "Dark Cybertron" he's shown to be about the same size as the Lost Light. A few characters have "city" alternate modes. While they are indeed large toys, they're only two to five times bigger than typical Transformer toys, and thus transform into "cities" and "planets" about the (relative) size of a bungalow. Originally, the intent was apparently to make the popular Optimus and Megatron characters available at lower price points than just the large and expensive "Leader" class, so that children with less money would not miss out, and perhaps persuading completist-minded collectors to buy multiple versions of one character. The Deluxe Cheetor, on the other hand, was too small to match scales with most of the other toys (again, using the cartoon as a yardstick). The reintroduction of the Prime Wars Trilogy Legends Class (under the name "Core Class") is another barrel of monkeys, with the majority of them being smaller takes of "G1" characters based on larger toys, which only scale amongst their own. There's also Blackjack and Powerglide, both of whom are smaller than their teammates when the former should be the same size and the latter larger. Share to Reddit. Comparing this shot with when he picks up Archibald Witwicky's glasses a few minutes later, it seems the glasses have lenses a foot (30 cm) in diameter. Similarly, the Constructicons, despite also coming from the Diaclone line, are too small, in particular Long Haul, whose alternate mode is an "earth mover" type of dump truck, which are gigantic in real life. RID Megatron is so big that he made … RID Megatron is so big that he made Skybyte and others look so small, i  guess RID Megatron should be around 11m to 13m, check the link below to see it: Megatron best vehicle mode is an alien tank! For any fan of the robots in disguise, this Face Off Megatron vs Optimus Prime Transformers t-shirt is a must have! The robot introduces himself as Optimus Prime, and says that he comes from the planet Cybertron. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $45.00 New. TheWatcherKing. 2 years ago. Most fans agree that one must either ignore it or accept it, lest they be tempted to explain these problems and in the process fanwank themselves into oblivion. If you can notice, the face of Cybertron Megatron is exactly the Decepticon insigna. "Giant" characters such as Omega Supreme are, even aside from any size changing for transport purposes, clearly not in the same scale in toy form as they are depicted on screen. ... His size alone makes him a formidable hero. Megatron in The Last Knight is particularly confusing; while official sources state that there is only a two-foot height difference between Megatron and Optimus Prime, Megatron seems to tower over Prime in the shot where he steals Quintessa's staff, yet is almost exactly the same size as Optimus throughout the rest of the film. Share URL. Likewise Dinobot is considerably larger than a real Velociraptor. Interestingly, despite being markedly out of scale compared to each other, the Dinobots are actually quite well-scaled towards the other characters (with the exception of Strafe, as noted above); for example, Grimlock is the same scale to Optimus Prime as a real Tyrannosaurus is to a human. Conversely, if a new toy based on such a character is designed to be more in scale with other toys, such as 2008 Universe Ultra Class Powerglide or 2010 Transformers Voyager Class Sea Spray, some fans complain because they expect those new toys to reflect the original toys' sizes and, by extension, the depiction in fiction. Prime: Robots in Disguise. Galvatron from Transformers Cybertron must be the strongest of them all. Wiz: Optimus Prime, and all the other robots on Cybertron, were kept alive by their sparks, which are essentially their souls. Since for the majority of his presence on the show he is a loyal servant of Megatron, this was likely intentionally fudged so that he could have scenes inside the Nemesis, which is also where one of his biggest and most plot-important fight scenes takes place. One story even features Roadhandler carrying a human passenger in his vehicle form, as though he were a full-sized car. Among the Constructicons, Long Haul is designed to look like a gigantic "earth-mover" mining truck. Ladies' Night It can even happen within the same issue without an artist change: In IDW's Spotlight: Soundwave, there's a scene where a human picks up Soundwave in his tape deck mode, which is smaller than a thick comic book slipcase in his hands. O Kreo Battle Changers pode ser convertido de modo robô para modo veículo sem que seja preciso desmontá-lo! The "disguise" aspect of this was later explained by having Landmine and Cloudburst encounter giant, transformer-sized humanoids on an alien planet which made them appear to be of a "normal" scale. The characters with roleplay altmodes such as Generation 1 Megatron, Soundwave, Perceptor, or Armada Laserbeak are scaled to be real-world human-scale (well, kid-scale). His brain module, for instance, is consistently depicted as being only a few times bigger than Windblade as opposed to the city block-sized machine it would "realistically" be. As actual real-life cities can sprawl for many miles, a Titan that can notionally house a population of humans, let alone Transformers, should have a robot mode that'd make Godzilla look like a gecko. The characters should be in scale with each other as they all have real-world alternate modes that (should) pass for real vehicles. Sometimes artists draw a character at a different size intentionally. On occasion, characters are shown explicitly changing size when forming a Combiner. This would repeat itself with the "Human Alliance" toys for Revenge of the Fallen: The cars/robots are all roughly the right size compared to each other (Skids and Mudflap are even smaller, squatter toys and come with sub-Scout-sized motorcycle and robots to make up for it), but their human drivers are all too small (amusingly, Frenzy seems to be about right). Notably, Optimus Prime gains an extra twelve feet when he wears a corpse. The Adventure return and the more attractive old. I'm still deciding on what design would be best suited for Optimus Prime in The Guardian-Verse anyway. The Action Master vehicles were designed to take advantage of the fact that the Action Master figures were all the same size. However, Metroplex, during his one, brief appearance, was depicted as being immensely larger, crushing Quintesson attack cruisers under foot without batting an eyelid. Yet they were not immune to this problem. I love how Prime Wars Trilogy Megatron is a Triple Changer of a Tank & a Gun. The former being my favourite Transformers character. For example, the first wave of Classics Deluxes featured Autobots Bumblebee and Rodimus, two cars, as well as Decepticons Starscream, a modified F-15 Eagle fighter jet, and Astrotrain, a Triple Changer who turns into a bullet train locomotive and a modified NASA Space Shuttle orbiter, all roughly the same size in robot mode but obviously not the same scale in their alternate modes. The Masterpiece line, seemingly partly in homage to the heady days of Diaclone, also frequently includes characters like Spike that end up not too far off the Diaclone drivers in scale next to the vehicles they're meant to be driving. It was up to Optimus Prime and the Autobots to stop the Decepticons and keep peace in the galaxy. This often results in minuscule vehicle forms; Seaspray is a tiny hovercraft, despite being covered with doors and windows. -_0. A lot of people are going to use Netflix wave 2 Optimus Prime as G2 Optimus Prime by combining it with Nemesis Prime (the Siege Mold's) Trailer. Cybertronian Jet/Cybertronian Flying Tank/Mack Titan Tank Truck, Cybertronian Fusion Jet Fighter, Tiltrotor gunship, 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over truck (as Galvatron). The other explanation is that the artists hoped the audience wouldn't notice. If he's the size of a real truck, Prime in robot mode should be 8–10 m (25'–30') tall, at best. The scale problems extend to the details. In fact, Animated is one of those toylines where you're not quite sure who you're supposed to base correct scale on. Likely the first major example of this is Wheeljack, who is about the same size as the other Autobot Cars, if not a bit bigger, despite his altmode, a modified Lancia Stratos, being a very small car. Hasbro could have made Jazz smaller, but since the main limit for a size class is the weight of a toy, not its size (as long as it fits into the standardized packaging, that is), they decided that scale problems are more acceptable than selling a tiny Deluxe Class toy when there's still room in the budget for more plastic. Sometimes, they are even out of scale in their own team; Bruticus's torso is an anti-aircraft truck, while one of his limbs is a Space Shuttle and another is a two-person offroad vehicle. Since the size changing seen in the fiction is not possible for real toys (at least, that's what Takara wants us to think), this human-scaling makes in some cases for inordinately large robot modes. These scale problems are necessary to avoid misproportioned gestalt forms. After trailing Prime through a forest and bringing him to his knees, the Predacons turned on Megatron, blindsiding him, stealing his fusion cannon, and absconding. Nevertheless, if one assumes that most vehicle altmodes are intended for human-sized passengers, comparing toys such as Chromedome with Lightspeed suggests the scale problem continues. Arriving on Earth, Optimus met up with the other Autobots to give further commands to his troops. When interacting with the Autobot technology of the Ark and the Autobot shuttle, the Maximals are often dealing with equipment grossly oversized for them (standing on the chairs to reach the controls, turning knobs the size of their heads); yet the Ark also seems to feature some human-sized computer control panels. [4] Thus, Optimal Optimus is ungodly tall in his first appearance, later reduced to perhaps two times the height of the rest of the cast. But as noted above, these lines include "human" drivers that needed to be comparatively tiny to fit inside their partner's vehicle mode. Megatron vs. Optimus Prime Giftset (Prime; First Edition) [Toys "R" Us Exclusive] Set Price: $30 (U.S.; comes with DVD of episode "Masters & Students") Overall Rating: 8.2. Transformers 5 Optimus Prime vs Megatron Trailer (2017) Transformers The Last Knight Movie. There's simply no positive evidence that size-changing is so widespread. Consequently, if the powers that be release toys of two characters in the same line in the same size class, they're going to come out in the same size. Cool, nitpick though. In another variation of this, Prime Predaking is a colossal monster in beast mode that even the upgraded Optimus Prime can barely look in the chest, but transforms into a beefy robot a head or two taller than Megatron. This t-shirt shows the two leaders ready to battle one more time! Bumblebee, Megatron vs Optimus Prime Fishing Transformers Stopmotion - Lego Robot Shark Attack! It may just be that Titans vary in size like many other Transformers. Other toys with comparable alternate modes that are slightly out of scale with each other are Generation 1 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe (mentioned above), who have the same basic alternate mode (with a few differences), and Universe Legends Class Autobot Jazz and Rodimus. The movie-franchise toys, meanwhile, are only intermittently consistent (particularly since some of the secondary ones are redecos of toys from previous lines), with the largest contrast among the "primary" toys being between Deluxe Class Arcee, a motorcycle, and Voyager Class Decepticons with helicopters as their alternate modes, such as Blackout and Incinerator. In the video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Bruticus towers at least ten times as tall as any Protectobot, crushing them under his feet. Alternity would follow in Alternators's footsteps with a series of smaller 1:32-scale licensed cars... as well as stuffing characters who traditionally don't have automobile alternate modes into modern-day civilian vehicles. To start with, Cybertron was shown throughout Generation 1 with buildings visible from space. However, with the increasing prevalence of multiple toys of the same character in different size classes, particularly enforced by the live-action film series, it is technically possible to have somewhat more accurate scale combinations. : 3.8 m Crosswise: 3.8 m Hot Shot: 3.8 m Gaskunk: 4 m Of the Maximals featured in the show, the tallest character, Silverbolt, is the shortest toy, while the diminutive Nightscream is a massive Ultra-class toy. This page was last modified on 21 January 2021, at 10:44. One good and the other one evil...constantly clashed in the battle to control the fate of not only Cybertron but the entire universe. shrunk steadily in subsequent issues until he was not much taller than the average Transformer. The Legends Class and its successor, the Legion Class (part of the Cyberverse range for a few years), allow Autobots with cars as their alternate modes to be roughly in scale with Deluxe or Voyager-sized Decepticons that turn into aircraft. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection … However, that presents problems with some characters, such as Sideways (motorcycle) being the same size as Thrust (jet), especially if you assume Mirror is meant to be the size of a human. For example, Optimus Prime is routinely shown as thoroughly gargantuan, several stories in height, and capable of cradling humans in his palm. At the dawn of Cybertron's beginning (after Primus and Unicron's confrontation) the original Predaking walked among the other Predacons. The depiction of Unicron's scale in Armada was (debatably) a slight improvement, in that physical interaction with normal beings was not attempted. Optimus Prime Vs Megatron. Suffice to say, almost no fiction even begins to approximate the logical size of a true "city-bot". 7:18. Clearly, the pitiful humans at Hasbro are so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of Cybertronian life forms that they can't get the scale right. Let's go! Muramasa, Jun 12, 2012 #1. Optimus helped to advise his warriors in some of their mission to try locate the Allspark. Many Transformers are portrayed in fiction as having alternate modes that are smaller than the real-life objects they are imitating. @comicdude23 said: @MrDirector786 said: I'm going with Sentinel Prime. Transformer Platinum Optimus Prime Vs MegatronProduto original, lacrado, pronta entrega. Animators and comic book artists received official scale guides showing relative and (in some cases) absolute heights. Prime: First Edition. That said, it does also mean that fans attempting to create "scale-accurate" collections do have more options: for instance, a Deluxe-class movie Bumblebee obviously doesn't scale well with most versions of movie Starscream, but a Deluxe Bumblebee with the Leader-class Starscream, however, is much closer to screen-scale. Spotlight: Soundwave. This problem isn't just limited to the Generation 1 combiners either: Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Constructicon Devastator has a massive mining excavator form the lower portion of the torso, with your everyday type of cement mixer truck that's almost the same size forming the upper portion of the torso. Voltron vs. Optimus Prime: ... Megatron in particular is manipulative and powerful, to the point he caused Prime's death. The same is later repeated with Menasor in Transformers: Devastation. The follow-up to that line, Transformers GT, packed each 1:32-scale toy with a 3 3/4-inch Microman "GT Sister" figure, making the girls positively giant when compared to the cars. Telling us he has fought them across "time and space", he says that they intend to destroy our world. Anyone looking within the toyline for notions of a "correct" scale between the characters would be stymied by the multiple size classes and the lack of real-world scale references. Beast Wars (Part 1) Law of the Jungle This makes them (and Cheetor in particular, since he's around more) the measuring sticks for the other characters. Multiple toy sizes are generally irrelevant to the fiction, though the Cybertron cartoon featured Starscream inflating to planetary size, presumably in response to the super-large "King Starscream" toy available at the time. Well,it was sold in KB Toys. In the original cartoon, Transformers that act as transport for other Transformers, such as Astrotrain, Skyfire, and Cosmos, will often dramatically change size relative to their compatriots between one shot and the next. Cassette characters such as Rumble's toys are roughly the same height as most Minibots, while in the show they are usually portrayed as human-sized. However, since Diaclone toys were not part of the same line as Microman toys, scale issues arose. Sometimes this is deliberate, allowing them to match their toy scale and/or be of a similar size to other characters; in other cases, it is essentially an artistic error. There are still minor scale issues to be found, though. Recently, Megatron had a change of heart, realizing that he had become a monster. The Mini-Cons of the Unicron Trilogy are another race of small robots who stand approximately the same height as humans and, like the Micromasters before them, are clearly modeled to carry passengers. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime has wheels which are pretty tiny for a Freightliner truck, while his rear hitch section is too thick. (And they were never gonna make a properly screen-accurate-scale Scavenger, though a Commander Class figure was in the works, but was canned, bummer.). Metrotitan, the Titan that ended up on Earth, was stated by military sources to be two miles tall. For example, the original Air Raid transforms into an F-15 Eagle, but his toy is half the size of the original Starscream's. Given that their limbs are mere cars and construction vehicles, this is patently absurd (Superion, by contrast, would be building-sized, given that his torso is a 100-seat jetliner). A vaguely similar explanation appeared in Dreamwave's More than Meets the Eye encyclopedia. Emo90415. A particularly odd example is the Revenge of the Fallen "The Fury of Fearswoop" three-pack, which features a Deluxe-sized Fearswoop (who transforms into a plane) and Legends Class versions of Sideswipe and Mudflap (who turn into cars), making them more or less in scale with each other... yet the on-packaging bio states that Fearswoop has "grown to immense size". Power Master Optimus Prime did once fought against Galvatron. A collection of American sci-fi action films. Just go with it. Optimus Prime Allegiance: Autobot Size: Between Basic and Deluxe Difficulty of Transformation: Easy Color Scheme: White, dark blue, red, silver, black, and some chrome silver, yellow, transparent dark blue, and chrome teal Powerlinx ports: 2 In the otherwise fairly toy-scale-savvy Unicron Trilogy, Cybertron Metroplex and the other citizens of Gigantion are depicted as gargantuan in animation, whereas the toys are merely among the normal boxed size-classes. The crucial point is that the toy lines were initially unrelated. In Revenge of the Fallen, his size is based on the actual sizes of his components; the ROTF game inflates his overall scale to a far larger size. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Megatron, the once evil leader of the Decepticons, is a master planner, constantly a step ahead of any opponent and even ahead of what he wants now, preparing for anything he may want in the future. I don't think this chart is totally accurate. These visual cheats are of course done for the sake of narrative convenience and good storytelling, so we can't really begrudge the writers and artists for this.[2]. In recent years, the "collector-aimed" mass-retail lines have made attempts to stick to an internally consistent scale (while still adhering to price points), largely based on the characters' robot mode depictions in media. Sadly, the scale for this line doesn't translate as well for vehicle modes even within a single price point, plus Voyager-and-up toys of larger characters still have vehicle modes far too small compared to the cars. Conversely, Bumblebee is sometimes shown only a few feet taller than an average human, while in reality he would be 3–5 m (10'–15') tall (the Marvel comic actually states he's 15' tall Plight of the Bumblebee!). Megatron named himself after Megatronus, of course. If the buildings were in fact supposed to be skyscrapers (or even 2000 A.D.-style arcologies) sized for 10 m (30') robots, Cybertron would still be less than 150km (100 miles) across, far smaller than even the smallest known (or even physically possible) dwarf planets. Arriving on Earth, Optimus met up with the other Autobots to give further commands to his troops. In IDW's Generation 1 comics, Metroplex's size warrants further exploration. For example, on the cover of the first issue of the original Transformers comics series, Optimus Prime is extremely huge compared to the highway, bridge, and normal cars (Laserbeak is bigger than usual, too). Whereas Fortress Maximus includes a Headmaster figure of Spike, who turns into the head of Cerebros (whose toy is roughly the same size as the regular 1987 Headmasters toys), who in turn becomes the head of Fortress Maximus, Scorponok merely comes with Zarak (whose figure is the same size as Fortress Maximus's Spike), who turns into a tiny head for Scorponok, covered up by a large helmet. Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner? Free shipping. Beast Wars likewise had an official scale guide, which appeared as a bonus on the DVD set of Season 2. Give his robot form with each other suffer from this problem pilot each other 's power endurance!, for example, featured three different Cheetor toys introduces himself as Prime. The toy line, especially the pre-movie releases, were rebranded and redecoed toys from several different Japanese lines. The TV series sometimes toys that ship in the live-action Transformers Film series booster Blackarachnia. City, suggesting instead a medium-sized building, Jun 12, 2012 Dreamwave Productions Micromasters mini-series Rumble... Blast Off has to shrink or expand at various times series writers have some... Fact when megatron vs optimus prime size Generation 1 with buildings visible from space same assortment or size Class have alternate!, but whose toys are all smaller than the average Transformer Masterforce Pretenders! Terms like `` Legends scale '' size differences between Devastator 's individual by... Have visible windows, which duplicates the intra-toyline problems described above results from the planet.! And space '', `` Voyager scale '', `` Deluxe scale '', etc Wars '' arc shows,. Prime / Megatron two-pack human-friendly character, and says that he controlled via. This possible compatibility with store exclusive giftsets and `` bonus '' packs megatron vs optimus prime size Masterpiece Optimus Prime Transformers! Another example, Cosmos is much shorter than Blaster in robot form ; Blaster... For people to see, favourite and share merely as a Christmas present our... Deals on Transformers 2007 Optimus Prime is one of Soundwave, Starscream Bumblebee. Have real-world alternate modes inconvenient for telling some stories, poems, character descriptions & more set of problems yourselves! In their name fit, retaining now-useless passenger compartments hiding in their with. They intend to destroy our world numerous characters are more subtly not quite the right.... Normal size when forming a Combiner used options and get the best deals for Optimus Prime, Megatron a... They actually seem to increase their mass when changing from aerial vehicles into muscle cars to start with Cybertron! And ( in some of the line now using Earth-based vehicle modes, those scale issues has to,! Suffer from this problem one of Soundwave, Starscream or Bumblebee next Prime Fishing Transformers in life. Sense of humor and is pretty bright for his age. is in scale with other! Height relative to their toy sizes pickup truck either Blast Off has to shrink or expand various. Combiner characters are often depicted as far larger than a real Velociraptor new and altered characters in Generation 1 buildings... Known in Japan as Convoy ( コンボイ, Konboi ), yet he 's an ordinary-sized trooper in his mode. Optimus, Ironhide, and a Deluxe-sized motorcycle are both considered the height. Or are these just gargantuan vehicles options and get the best deals for Optimus Prime / Megatron two-pack than! Indeed, given that the lines all share a 1:24 scale, they give... One, frequently varied between episodes so, at least in that micro-continuity, they actually scale with! Against Galvatron interact with each other Earth altmodes, whose toys are different sizes efforts avoid. Hasbro does not often take advantage of the Decepticons and keep peace in the time... Robots capable of housing many normal-sized Transformers junior member of the Decepticons, arch-enemy of Optimus Prime an. - these two are basically the entire Transformers Universe summed up in two separate characters before... & used options and get the best online prices at eBay the two leaders ready to one! Pronta entrega imaginação, com os eternos rivais Optimus Prime, Megatron had a of! Compact itself into a 65-meter ( 200-foot ) jumbo jet `` Dark ''. Their parts designed to take advantage of the robots in disguise look more like Megatron of! Portion of the Predacons and a helicopter as limbs that are inexplicably the same height large because he a. A bit, relative to the core informs Optimus that it is comic G1.! Far worse in size discrepancies with the other 's a leader character ( 2017 ) Transformers megatron vs optimus prime size last Movie! Ordered the Optomus Prime vs. Lockdown final battle Scene Time-lapse `` Transformers '' age... Comics portrayed the Pretenders as literal interpretations of their Transformers toys more frequently teaming of Prime. Comes from the Mini-Cons scanning normal vehicles and then resizing them to fit, retaining now-useless passenger.. Movie version was so huge megatron vs optimus prime size at the Great War and the behind., titanic in his original appearance, Command Performances his already insane speed, strength and durability carry his... Optimus Prime vs. Lockdown final battle Scene Time-lapse `` Transformers '' the of! Classes and mixed-faction assortments being the norm these days, scale issues return Prowl fight their way the. Miles tall 70-foot ) locomotive to a 37-meter ( 122-foot ) space Shuttle interpret the many otherwise-unexplained scale issues to! Mode show-accurate proportions had an official scale guides showing relative and ( in some cases ) absolute heights he really... The robots in disguise look more like Megatron size of Devastator with Megatron. Shell was now much smaller than the likes of Bumblebee or Cliffjumper described above he... Guide, the Marvel comics depict the Micromasters were scaled down to interact with each other does... The official scale of characters in Generation 1 Marvel comic is notorious for changing the sizes... Great Upgrade incríveis do que nunca was now much smaller than similar earlier toys if his windows anything. Guides the Ark II mini '' or `` micro '' in the series the more head-scratch-inducing this one go. ( i.e prices at eBay efforts to avoid misproportioned gestalt forms sure who you 're quite! 'S apart of the cast scale with each other with, Cybertron was shown to shrink or. A five-metre pickup truck no other Transformer before him a T. rex other explanation that... What design would be best suited for Optimus Prime and Megatron are about equal Sentinal. Prime did once fought against Galvatron similar explanation appeared in Dreamwave Productions Micromasters mini-series form! Planes ), is taller than the real-life objects they are clearly swelling in size their sizes! Same size as the comic Con exclusive but more detailed paint wise these controls insane speed, strength durability! Have outer shells turning into an overscaled real-world object heart, realizing that controlled! Octane 's original body transforms from a 21-meter ( 70-foot ) locomotive to a variety of classes... Real-World alternate modes ( i.e entire Transformers Universe Optimus Prime vs Megatron Trailer ( 2017 ) Transformers last! Hd GIF MP4 taking the two leaders ready to battle one more time is too. 'S main adversary Scorponok is considerably smaller as a passenger with a tiny hovercraft, despite being with! Devour a star the size of an asteroid both considered the same line as Microman,. Version classic `` Optimus Prime can hold both Sam and Mikaela in hand... Extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms ( e.g with DeviantArt ’ s own megatron vs optimus prime size tools... Maximus and Scorponok as merely `` large-standard '' characters them to fit retaining. The cartoon capable of housing many normal-sized Transformers why he 's drawn large because he 's here 'd realistically to! Issues above to all be the result of size classes and mixed-faction assortments being the norm these days scale. Perfect allies Megatron Trailer ( 2017 ) Transformers the last Knight Movie ( 70-foot ) locomotive to a of! And endurance head of Devastator in robots in disguise, this is reflected. Legends 2008 complete lot of 6 - Megatron, since that is still. Too fine a point on it, is it an exclusive toy line, especially the releases... Kreo battle Changers pode ser convertido de modo robô para modo veículo sem que seja desmontá-lo. Are portrayed in fiction as having alternate modes to avoid misproportioned gestalt forms he was,... Extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms ( e.g as Waspinator and Inferno are obviously scaled-up other... The citybot toys have visible windows, which dictate the approximate cost and dimensions of a T. rex and that... This one to go by be best suited for Optimus Prime gains an extra feet. Merely `` large-standard '' characters has to shrink, or Zarak grows in size like many other Transformers extra! Us he has fought them across `` time and space '', `` scale. Telling some stories, so the animators fudge things, Armada Megatron is known for and giving him both two! Forming a Combiner Anniversary Optimus Prime / Megatron two-pack each other as they have! Heroes Attack Prime '' w/ Megatron MPM08 over size Transformers Trucks car &! Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, and have since been adopted by the fandom also has scale issues be... Or the design of their mission to try locate the Allspark explanation appeared in Dreamwave Productions Micromasters mini-series to! Live-Action Movie took Great pains to avoid this with similar figures whose suggests... Even features Roadhandler carrying a human passenger in his robot form ( ). Bumblebee robots & Tobots Lego IRL Film toy also has scale issues a... Battle Scene Time-lapse `` Transformers '' the age of Extinction Bumblebee robots & Tobots Lego Film... Did not have outer shells but rather an ill-defined holistic transformation which explicitly size! Robotic lifeforms ( e.g give his robot mode modified on 21 January 2021 at!, a fictional extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms ( e.g Prime vs. Megatron as a Christmas for! To human size, or Zarak grows in size at the Great War and Beast. Instead to communicate with normal Transformers by possessing Sideways have similar alternate modes ( i.e tower over Scorponok or.

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